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What do we do?

  • “I have a laptop full of pictures, but my walls are empty.”
  • “I hate hanging pictures. And they are always going crooked.”
  • “It’s too hard to make a photo wall.”

These are the problems we solve for customers. Collagewall eliminates the hassle of designing personalized photo collages with an easy-to-use system that produces beautiful results.

What inspired Collagewall?

When a house fire and remodel left Collagewall founder Jeff Southard with a house full of empty walls, he wanted to add a personal, artistic touch to his home environment: "I had a hard-drive full of photos. So I thought, how about a photo wall? There was one snag though – I hate hanging pictures. And have you ever tried to hang a half-dozen pictures in a collage?”

After researching the web for a solution, he came up empty-handed. The options were too expensive, took too long, or were not easy to do. So, why not make one?

In 2007, Jeff fabricated the first prototype using inkjet prints and parts from the local hardware store. Visitors liked the look and encouraged him to sell it as a product.

Jeff combined his software and real-world design skills to create the system over the next two years. Now through customer feedback and constant refinement, we have a website and process that lets anyone create a stunning collage from their digital photos with ease.

Since then, thousands of Collagewall displays have been installed around the U.S. and Canada.

“Worth every cent!” raved an early customer. “The quality is fabulous. The attention to detail is refreshing: your order includes everything you need – including the tape to put the template on the wall. Installation is a breeze – not even so much as a grumble as we put this on the wall. We couldn't be happier with the process or the result.”

Feedback like this inspires us now — it's our delight to see what customers make and our challenge to simplify the process even more.

What's next?

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