Where to I order?

Collagewall displays are sold through our lab partners. See where to buy

Where can I buy extra push-in pegs and grid paper?

Visit our store to buy replacement parts

What do the pegs look like up close?

collagewall push-in pegs close up in white wall

The attractive push-in pegs, machined from solid aluminum, have a satin finish that complements other silver hardware (stainless steel, satin nickel, and chrome).

How do the pictures attach to the grid?

Collagewall backsheet with sockets that fit the pegs

Thick paper sockets grip to pegs in the wall. With multiple connection points, Collagewall pictures stay level and don't shift when knocked.

How to you install the grid?

You position the paper template, mark where the push-in pegs go, insert them, then hang the pictures. It's really that easy.

A 3' x 5' Collagewall takes about 30 minutes. And once completed, the grid never needs to be adjusted. Hanging and rearranging photos takes seconds.

What's included?

Collagewall kit includes pictures, paper template, push-in pegs and foam spacers

The kit includes the pictures, a paper template, painter's tape, and pegs. You supply a tape measure or level. For hard plaster walls only, you'll need to have a drill and 1/16" or 3/64" drill bit.

What are the picture sizes?

Collagewall picture sizes are 5x5", 5x11", 11x11", 5x17" and 11x17"

The ready-to-hang pictures come in eight standard sizes picked to fit together with 1" margins.

Why aren't common photos sizes (4x6", 8x10", etc.) available?

They just don't fit together into a good looking collages. Our partners online tools lets you crop your digital photos into our sizes to make perfect collages.

What does it cost?

Most customers spend between $150 to $400 (USD).

How do I update my collage with new pictures?

Rarranging and adding pictures to the grid is easy. And most of our partner labs sell Collagewall pictures individually.

Will my photos work?

You'll want to use the highest-resolution versions of your digital photos:

  • 3 megapixel (2000 x 1500 pixels) and higher resolution is needed for the large 11x11" and 11x17" pictures.
  • 1 megapixel (1000 x 1000 pixels) and lower resolution images should be printed as small (5x5") pictures.

Is fitting my photos into a collage hard?

Typically not. The trick is to:

  • use uncropped digital photos and
  • upload twice as many as you need.

If you're working with a limited number of traditionally-sized photos (like scans of old photographs), you may be in for a puzzle. But, as the writer for a 2010 New York Times' article concluded, the end result can be stunning.

Either way, after the collage is designed, everything else is easy--unlike making a traditional photo wall.

How large can the grid (and collage) be?

9 feet wide by 3 feet high is the largest recommended size.

Taller grids are possible but more difficult to install. Our paper templates are up to 3 feet tall so you must carefully align two sheets on the wall to make it work.

Longer grids are physically possibly, but there are no online editors that explicit support them. You can always order multiple Collagewall displays and join them together.

What about stairway walls?

In the past, we have printed custom templates for custom stairway installations, but it's a painstaking process and we're unable to continue this add-on service.

How can I install the grid on plaster, brick, and concrete walls?

For hard plaster walls, you will only need to pre-drill holes before tapping in the pegs.

For brick wall and concrete walls, you must first anchor a some kind of board to the wall, then attach the pegs to the board. To see how you might do it, view Backer Board Solutions.

Do the pictures have stands?

5" high Collagewall pictures have stands

Yes. Any of the 5" high pictures can use the removable, thick paper stands.

How do the photo prints look?

Great. They are traditional (silver-halidide), high-resolution (320 dpi) photo prints on Fuji Archival Paper. The lustre finish looks great and minimizes glare.

How long should photo prints last?

At least 26 years before any noticeable fading or changes in color balance, under typical indoor display conditions, according to a 2007 study by Wilhelm Imaging Research, a leading authority on photo longevity. (View source and look for "Fuji Crystal Archive Paper" numbers.)

Photos are pressure-mounted to black-edged hardboard (Masonite) using a strong, acid-free adhesive that will hold for years without reacting with the photo print. Actual print stability will vary according to printed image, light intensity, temperature, humidity and atmospheric conditions. We cannot guarantee the longevity of prints.

Would you recommend the metal prints for high-humidity spaces, like bathrooms?

Yes. The metal prints are completely impervious to water. If you're concerned about longevity of the pictures in humid spaces, go with that style.