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Collagewall® 12x18 Jig

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$349.00 USD
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$349.00 USD

Custom production jig to precisely place hardboard panels on top of 12x18" prints for mounting and trimming.

  • Laser-cut acrylic jig with stainless positioning pins
  • Interchangeable 12x18" glass surface lays on top as cutting surface 
  • Separately, you will need to procure a 12x18" sheet of glass that's 1/8" (2.3mm) thick from a local hardware stores.
  • Ships 2-3 weeks after being ordered (we make this to order)

This is ONLY useful if you are using 12x18" prints for production. Read the Production section on our labs support page and specifically the "Using 12x18 prints" sub-section. There you will find a "Using 12x18 jig" slideshow that shows how to use the jig.