Collection: Boards

shay boards hero free standing magically hinged display boards

SHAY boards let you collaborate with stickies, display designs, create war rooms and radiate information like never before.

Their huge, all-black surface is the perfect canvas for your work

designer at lattice using shay boards with sticky notes

Magnetic hinges let the boards pivot 360° – and detach.

Handles make the boards easy to move around.

Shay board handle

They fold up and can be carried around the office.

Shay boards are easy to carry by the handle

Designed for team collaboration

There are many uses of these portable walls.

Using Shay boards for sticky note activities like 2x2s

Using Shay boards for journey maps and service blue prints

Using Shay boards as information radiators

Using Shay boards to form design team spaces and war rooms

Unused Shay boards can be stored in a compact stack

Foamboard made durable

To preserve the surface the longest, use low-tack products like Post-it® Notes and hang papers with painter’s tape. SHAY push-pins can also be used. 

Images of painters tape and push-pins on black foamboard

Hard plastic hinges on the sides protect the edges of the 1/2” black foamboard panels. Hard rubber caps give the boards a slight bounce.

Shay board end caps and replacement foamboard panels

Eventually, when the surface of your SHAY boards is spoiled, you can replace the damaged panel yourself using replacement foamboard panels from us.

Ships anywhere in US and Canada

SHAY boards disassemble into two parts that fit in a reasonable-sized box. A pair of boards ship anywhere in the US for $50 and Canada for $60. San Francisco customers can have boards delivered for $20.

Shay boards disassembled into two parts, next to box

Easy to transport and assemble

You can collapse the boards and take them to a client or trade show.

Shay boards fit in the trunk of a car


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