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  • Pair of SHAY boards covered in Post-It notes reading "Hello World"
  • Two people use SHAY boards to make an information radiator
  • A man carries a pair of SHAY boards around the office
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SHAY Boards (Pair)

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$169.00 USD
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$169.00 USD
  • Collaborate with stickies, display photos and designs, form war rooms and radiate information like never before.
  • The huge, all-black surfaces are the perfect canvas for your work
  • Magnetic hinges allow the boards to pivot and detach to form many configurations
  • Handles in the middle of the lightweight boards make them easy to move about the office
  • Includes two 31” wide x 7’ tall SHAY boards

Quick assembly

The boards arrive in top and bottom sections which you connect. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver. Watch setup video.

Works with push-pins

Sticky notes and low-tack tape (i.e. painter's) tape won't damage the surface at all. You can also use push-pins, but in order to close the boards, you'll want to use small-headed push-pins like our SHAY push-pins. And when the board becomes spoiled, replace the top panel economically with replacement foamboard panels

Shipping anywhere in US and Canada

Assembled in California, these boards pack small enough to ship anywhere in the US for $35 and Canada for $50. San Francisco customers can pickup the boards for free (in the NOPA neighborhood).