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Collagewall® Grid Paper

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$4.95 USD
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$4.95 USD
  • For use with Collagewall® displays
  • 3' high
  • 4' or 8' or 12' wide

Have you moved your Collagewall display? Are you missing the original grid paper template? You're at the right place.

Pick a size of grid paper that's the same size or larger than the collage you need to re-install. 

  • Ex: If your display is 3.5 ft wide and 2 ft high, order the 4' wide x 3' high size. 
  • Ex: If your display is 5 ft wide and 3 ft high, order the 8' wide x 3' high size.

If you need to re-install multiple displays, reuse the grid paper for them all.