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Brilliant metal prints that adapt

With the included accessories, these vibrant metal prints stick to refrigerators...

Pair of Collagewall 5x5 metal prints with magnets on refrigerator

Stand on tables...

Collagewall 5x5 metal print with stand on table top

Hang on walls...

Four Collagewall 5x5 metal prints on a wall

And, with an optional 4-slot tray, sit on desks and coffee tables.


Gorgeous metal prints

Metal prints are made by infusing vibrant dyes into a specially-coated aluminum sheets under heat and pressure. The resulting image is stunning.

A pair of Collagewall 5x5 metal prints

How they work

Collagewall metal prints have a curvaceous plastic backing that makes them adaptable.

Collagewall metal print backing

A strong magnet fits into the top slot and holds the metal print fixed to any ferrous surface, including fast-swinging refrigerator doors.

A magnet is inserted into the backing slot of the Collagewall metal print

A durable, plastic stand slides in to support the metal print. 

The folding stand being inserted in the back of a Collagewall metal print

An aluminum push-pin inserts into the wall with just thumb pressure.

A thumb inserts the Collagewall push pin into the wall

It and the backing hold the metal print level.

The push pin in the wall allows the Collagewall metal print to hang from it

The plastic backing also permits the metal prints to be stacked and stored without damaging the photo surface. 

Four Collagewall metal prints stacked

Give a memory, not a headache

This adaptablilty makes Collagewall metal prints a great gift because—unlike other photo products—the recipient decides how and where to display them.

And rest assured that the image quality will be fantastic.

  • Our system warns if the image resolution is too low
  • A real live human fixes image issues like low exposure and color balance
  • Our photo lab has years of experience making metal prints

Thoughtful unboxing

All Collagewall metal 5x5s come in packaging designed to delight. The first metal print greets the opener, then an instruction care shows all the ways that they can be displayed. 

Box and instructions for Collagewall metal prints

Extra prints and parts can be stored in the box. Or, in the case of the magnet and push-pin, they can be repurposed for other uses.

Easy handling and care

The metal prints can be held and handled like paper prints. Just clean them with mild soap and a micro-fiber cloth.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with your collagewall metal prints, return them within 30 days for a full refund. All we ask is for you to pay for shipping and answer a survey so that we may learn how we might improve the product.

Order in seconds 

You can upload photos off your phone or Facebook or Instagram accounts. To start, pick one of the following Collagewall Metal 5x5s packages:


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